The Car EMR Harmonizer neutralizes all noxious energies caused by the car’s electrical system, the back-seat area over the fuel tank, and the effects of outside influences such as Earth Magnetic Grid Lines we’re exposed to while driving.


The noxious EMR field produced by the car’s electrical system totally engulfs all occupants, placing them in a dangerous positive charge field which may deprive its occupants of oxygen, deplete them of energy, cause nausea and fatigue, and also affect the driver’s concentration levels.


Because of the noxious resonance of petrol in the tank, the area directly above the fuel tank creates a major problem to the well-being of back seat passengers who are often children, causing the common complaint of nausea i.e. “car sickness”. The Car EMR Harmonizer may address this issue by harmonizing the resonance of the petrol within the tank to a negative charge, thus eliminating this energetic problem.


The frequency of Earth Magnetic Grid Lines that pass under the car while driving has a debilitating effect on the occupants, which can exacerbate the already noxious energies within the car.


The engine exhaust gauges and exhaust pipe are another source of strong positive charge that affects the front and back seat passengers. With the Car EMR Harmonizer installed, the exhaust gases are transformed to now produce a negative charge resonance, making for cleaner emissions and fewer greenhouse gases.


By installing a Car EMR Harmonizer, the noxious positive charge fields are replaced with a vibrant and healthy negative charge atmosphere.

Car EMR Harmonizer

  • Benefits of the Car EMR Harmonizer may include:

    • Totally portable
    • Greatly reduces driver fatigue
    • Reduced car sickness for passengers
    • Runs off the car’s own electrical system
    • Does not require batteries or recharging
    • A more harmonious and energetic traveling environment
    • Driver and occupants travel and arrive in a happier state of mind

    To Operate:  Simply plug the Car EMR Harmonizer into the car’s USB port on the dash or other USB port, whichever is more convenient.

    Note:  If your car is an older model and does NOT have a USB port, purchase a good quality USB charger from any reputable electronics store and plug in the USB Stick Car Harmonizer.